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Forty one men in a van! But Thais miss out on Guinness record!

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Forty one men in a van! But Thais miss out on Guinness record! | Samui Times
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Foreign news media has been having a go at Thailand for its appalling road death statistics after no less than 41 men were found crammed in a van on Sunday.

Britain’s Guardian newspaper raised the issue of what they said was the country with the second worst accident statistics on earth.

The video that forms the basis of the story was taken on Sunday and shows police emptying a Toyoto Commuter van of its human contents one by one counting as they go, reported Manager Online.

The officers can barely keep a straight face as the last of the occupants emerges and a flashlight makes sure there are no more hiding under the floor carpets.

Posted by Siraphop Srakaew it is not known where the video was taken and why but Thais online surmised that the occupants of the van were probably foreign workers.

The Guardian said that the Commuter is designed to carry 16 people.

But this was not a record – the most in a passenger vehicle that got in the Guinness Book of World Records was done in Krasnoyarsk, Russia when a similar number were crammed into a Rav4, the paper said.

The paper said that Thailand was second only behind Libya in the accident statistics while they said that the University of Michigan calculated that there were 44 deaths per 100,000 of the population per year.

This would put the annual death toll well over 25,000.

Mention was made of frequent accidents on public transport in the kingdom with Sunday’s boat tragedy on the Chao Praya being highlighted.

The government had stated in 2013 that they intended to reduce traffic accidents but drink driving and negligence has meant that any dent in Thailand’s poor record in this regard was negligible, the report stated.

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