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Four arrested in Phuket with 20 kilos of kratom leaves

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Four arrested in Phuket with 20 kilos of kratom leaves | Samui Times
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In two separate incidents Wednesday (March 4) police arrested four people and seized a total of 20 kilos of kratom leaves.

In the first incident, at 3:30pm, Lt Col Panya Chaichana led a team of Marine police to arrest Puritut Nookeaw, 19, from Rassada who had gone to the Phuket Custom Post office to collect a parcel containing 3 kilos of kratom leaves.

krathom haul phuketThe arrest of Puritut came after police learnt that a kratom package sent from another province was scheduled to be collected from the post office.

At 3:30pm Puritut turned up as expected and collected the package. Police approached him and carried out a search of the suspect and the package and found the three kilos of kratom leaves.

Puritut will be charge with possession of a Category 5 drug without permission.

In the second incident, at 10:30pm Kathu polices̕ Lt Col Suthichai Tienpo and Kathu narcotics police closed off an area behind the Fongbeer Pub on Phrameita Rd in Patong where on Tuesday (March 3) police arrested a group of people for illegal gambling. (Read story here)

Officers carried out a raid of the area to search for drugs and illegal activity and arrested three people in a rented room behind the pub in possession of kratom leaves.

Jall Uy, 53, from Burma was found in possession of 13 kilos, Nicom Kasudjai, 38, with 4.5 kilos and Kin Yo Meaw, 30, from Burma with 20 leaves.

Jall is to be being charged with possessing a Category 5 drug with intent to sell, while Nicom and Kin face being charged with illegally possessing a Category 5 drug.

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