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Freaky Friday – Dutchman goes wild while French are arrested for forged Euros in Pattaya

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Freaky Friday – Dutchman goes wild while French are arrested for forged Euros in Pattaya | Samui Times
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Police in Pattaya in conjunction with the French Embassy have shut down mail order business trading in fake Euros. Three Frenchmen have been arrested on suspicion of sending the fake notes to a global database of customers.

The three men appeared at a press conference on Friday, where police told reporters that fifty Euro notes packaged up in Thai cartoon books had been intercepted in the post by French police. Over 100 notes were found in around thirty envelopes that had been sent from a post office in Pattaya. The French police contacted the French Embassy who contacted local police.

Upon the men’s arrest police found items used to create the fake notes such as computers, ink and glue as well as envelopes and cartoon magazines. It is believe the illegal trade netted the men around one million baht per month.

On Friday night a Dutchman went berserk in the city damaging property in a restaurant and injuring members of the public and police. Dennis Tagga lost the plot at around 0.30am on Saturday, 20 reinforcement police officers were call to the scene to overpower the man who was taken to a local station to calm down.

Tagga, dressed in only sports shorts, and appeared to be drunk, refused to let anybody come near him during his outburst and ran at anybody who attempted to come near him. When police arrived at the scene the man started throwing tables and chairs around, when they attempted to arrested him he punched one police officer in the mouth and continued, shouting, screaming and flaying his arms around in a wild fashion. When he tried to get hold of an attending officers gun, he immediately called for backup.

A waitress at the restaurant said the man had arrived at the restaurant, seemingly drunk, but keeping himself to himself. He sat down quietly, but when asked, refused to order anything on the menu, a few minutes later he went wild.

Before arriving at the restaurant it is reported that the man damaged several items in his hotel room before jumping from the third floor. Miraculously he was not hurt, landing on soft ground. The hotel staff had attempted to calm the man down, but were unable to before he lost the plot in the restaurant.

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