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Free mobile internet and broadband boost available for 30 days

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Free mobile internet and broadband boost available for 30 days | Samui Times
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Yesterday, the National Broadcasting and telecommunication Commission said they will be giving 30 days of free mobile internet and a broadband speed upgrade as an incentive to encourage people to maintain social distancing, supporting those working from home and helping to reduce utility bills during the Covid-19 crisis.

This will be financed by the Universal Service Obligation whose funding comes from telecom licence auctions and contributions by telecom and broadcasting companies.

You will be able to register for the free mobile internet, from today forward until April 30.

The only catch is… you must be a Thai national and possess a Thai ID card in order to be eligible for the free internet and broadband upgrade.

Every Thai national can register for 10 free gigabytes of mobile data for a single mobile number, but the number must have been opened or registered on or before March 31.

Those who use monthly packages with more than 10 GB or unlimited data, and the numbers registered by companies and “juristic persons” are not eligible.

To register, users should type *170*[their 13-digit national ID number]# and tap “call.”

After registering, you will then receive a text message confirming whether your registration has been accepted or rejected, they will also provide a reason why. For those who registration is successful, users can start using the free internet in a few minutes.

The NBTC’s secretary-general shared tips on how to make the most of the offer in a video clip on the agency’s Facebook page yesterday.

In the video, he says the user should first check how much data they currently get within their package by typing *165*1# and press the ‘call’ button, followed by checking the remaining time of the package by typing *165*2#.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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