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Frenchman dies after being hit by sailor’s car in Phang Nga

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Frenchman dies after being hit by sailor’s car in Phang Nga
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A Frenchman was killed on a zebra crossing in the southern province of Phang Nga after being hit by a sedan car driven by a Thai sailor. The suspect driving the vehicle denies he hit and killed the Frenchman despite a security camera clearly showing otherwise.

Officers from Khao Lak Police Station were notified on Saturday night about the accident in front of a convenience store in the Khuk Khak sub-district, Ta Kua Pa district, Phang Nga province.

Police officers arrived at the scene to find a damaged black sedan car parked on the road. About 20 metres from the car lay the injured body of a 53 year old Frenchman, Jean-Yves Bornarel. He later died on the way to the hospital.

The driver of the car was reported to be a 46 year old sailor Panlert (surname reserved). He waited for officers at the scene and tested negative for alcohol.

A female restaurant owner, Thanika Jitwimart, witnessed the incident. She revealed that she saw two foreigners and one Thai woman about to cross the road at about 8.20pm. Thanika said she turned her eyes away from the group for a moment and then everything happened so fast. She heard a loud crashing sound and found out that one foreigner had been hit by a car.

Thanika said the foreigner was hit hard because the car was travelling at a very high speed. She said the driver directly hit the man and did not try to reduce his speed as he approached the crossing.

The superintendent of the Khao Lak Police Station, Jirawat Sararom, reported to the media that the driver was charged with driving recklessly causing death. Jirawat said the suspect refused to answer questions and insisted that he didn’t hit the victim, despite CCTV recording the incident.

According to Thai Law, Section 291, Negligence, whoever does the act by negligence and that act causes the other person to death, shall be imprisoned not more than 10 years or fined not more than 20,000 baht.

The police added that the French Embassy in Thailand would contact the family of the victim and deliver his body back to his family.

SOURCE: 77 Kaoded | Matichon | One 31


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