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Frenchman in Udon Thani found dead with his throat cut

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Frenchman in Udon Thani found dead with his throat cut | Samui Times
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A French national has been found dead in Udon Thani with his throat cut. The police Chief of Udon Thani said he was found in the Siriwattana dormitory at around 10.30am. The 53 year old man’s name is being withheld.

dead French manAccording to a report in the Bangkok Post forensic officers and a doctor were called to the room on the first floor which was secured by a chain inside the room. After cutting the chain they found the man lying face down in the bathroom. Six empty bottles were found inside the room, another was found inside the bathroom along with broken glass. There was no sign of a struggle.

The man had sustained a deep 10cm laceration to the right hand side of his throat, he also had wounds to his fingers. It is thought he had been dead for around 8 hours.

The owner of the dormitory told the police she had knocked on the man’s door to collect his rent but there had been no reply. She then used the spare key but was unable to gain entry due to the chain. When she noticed blood stains inside the room she contacted the police.

Mrs Aprinya Breen, 52, said that she had known the man for about one month and that they had planned to get married, she went on to say that the man had told her his mother and elder sister had died some time ago so and he had travelled to Thailand for a vacation.

The investigation into the man’s death to determine whether it was foul play or suicide continues.


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