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Furious Samui Police Officer Shoots His Colleagues in Lamai

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Furious Samui Police Officer Shoots His Colleagues in Lamai | Samui Times
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At 01.00 on November 12th , Inquiry Officer on duty of Bo Phut District Police Station Pol.Capt. Kantapon Srisuksai, after being informed about a shooting in a police booth in Pom Lamai in Koh Samui, went to examine the scene with his commander.

Pol.Sgt. Wichit Rattanasupa who had been shot in the head with a 9mm gun was found dead in Pom Lamai police booth wearing a police uniform. The other victim, Pol.Lt. Warintorn Saengudom, who had been shot in the chest was severely injured which he was sent to Bangkok-Samui Hospital for treatment.

The person who caused this awful incident is no one other than Pol.Sgt. Matthew Wisala who was a patrol officer working in the same police booth as the victims. After shooting his colleague, he didn’t even attempt escape but simply stood there waiting to be arrested.

After the examination, it’s revealed that Pol.Sgt. Wichit, the deceased, came to work at noon and was off duty at midnight. The next officer on duty was Pol.Sgt. Matthew. When Pol.Sgt. Wichit was off duty, he was still hanging around in Pom Lamai police booth with a group of four police officers including Pol.Lt. Warintorn. When Pol.Sgt. Matthew, who was close with the deceased, came into the police booth to start his shift, he talked with the now deceased before he pulled out his 9mm gun and shot him several times and accidentally shot Pol.Lt. Warintorn to the shock of other police officers, who could never have expected anythign like that to happen.

Pol.Col. Sathit Promuthai, the Superintendent of Bo Phut District Police Station, who went to the scene to examine, has not revealed the motive of the shooting only that the perpetrator has been arrested

Pol.Col. Sathit hasn’t allowed the press to take pictures inside Pom Lamai police booth which raised questions among the press and other media outlets, Pol.Col. Sathit answered shortly that while the investigation is underway nobody would be allowed inside the crime scene.



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