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“Ga No” coffee brand may be mislead – police say

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“Ga No” coffee brand may be mislead – police say | Samui Times
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Police in Sisaket province yesterday seized 50 small advertising flags after they were distributed to sale agents to help promote a coffee product.

Ga NoThe small flag with the local coffee brand “Ga No” might be misleading the people into ticking a cross mark in the upcoming charter referendum, police said.

The police were called in to check after manufacturer of a coffee brand “Ga No” held a meeting with 200 sale agents to introduce the coffee product and distribute the small flags to them to help promote it.

The police then sought cooperation from the manufacturer not to distribute the small advertising flags for fear that it could mislead consumers into rejecting the charter or “Say No”.

Meanwhile local authorities began door step campaign to persuade the people to come out to cast their votes on August 7.

In Nakhon Ratchasima, the governor instructed local authorities to knock on the doors of every house urging voters to exercise their rights, and educating them on how to vote.

They also told the people to read the charter before voting.

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