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Geology surveyors join police in hunting for bones at Israeli murder house

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Geology surveyors join police in hunting for bones at Israeli murder house | Samui Times
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Experts in geology from Kasetsart University armed with scientific equipment were at the Nonthaburi house of murderer Shimon Bintan yesterday.
search-for-bonesThey were looking for the skeletal remains of the Israeli man’s missing wife Nitaya, 37.
And in another interesting twist Thai Rath reported that Shimon’s 17 year old son was allegedly involved in the murder of 63 year old Eliyahu Cohen, found cut up and concealed in plaster under the stairs at the property last weekend.
The university geology surveyors used electrical equipment to try to detect irregularities beneath the surface around the whole of the house in Phreuksa Village, Nonthaburi. Shimon and his wife lived there with their son.
Out front of the house in a parking area they detected nothing unusual but there were some unusual readings by the side of the house that were not earth, water or roots and were a metre down.
The surveyors full report is expected in 15 days.
Thai Rath claimed yesterday that Ben Bintan, 17, was involved in the murder of Mr Cohen an Israeli ex-policemen who came to the house on Wednesday 9th of this month.
The wife of Shimon, 53, was reported missing by her father Anan Saeng-urai earlier in the week. She has not been seen for a year and police strongly believe she is dead.
Another property where Shimon and Nitaya used to live had the drains and walkways searched midweek. Police were looking for her body but nothing was found.
Claims from Shimon that his wife was arrested on a drugs charge in Laos are also being checked.
A woman who claimed to be a lover of Shimon said midweek that she was told by Shimon to say his wife had died of cancer if anyone asked of her whereabouts.
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