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German lady who loved Thailand gets her last request in Samui

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German lady who loved Thailand gets her last request in Samui | Samui Times
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An old German lady in love with Koh Samui and Thailand asked her landlady if she could die there in her rented room. The landlady, thinking not much of it, just said “of course.”

German woman dies in SamuiFive days later the 85 year old woman was found dead on the bed in her room, reports Daily News.

Samui police found the body of Conradi Waltratmagot (transliterated) lying on the bed in her room at the property in the Ang Thong sub-district. A packet of cigarettes and an almost full bottle of pills was found on a table beside the bed. There were no signs of foul play. The lady was known to be an asthmatic.

The body was found by Pornthip Chuto,64, a maid who the dead lady employed to look after her. She said that Conradi had complained of a stomach ache and gone to bed after taking seven aspirin. When she went to check on her later Tuesday she found her gasping then she passed out. CPR failed to revive her and hospital staff who were alerted soon found her dead.

The owner of the room named only as Janjira said that five days before her death Conradi had asked for permission if it was alright to die in her room because she loved Samui and Thailand so much.

“She had already been renting here for eight months,” Janjira told police, “and seeing as she was old I didn’t think much of it. So I just said, of course.”

An autopsy is to be carried out and the German embassy is to be contacted so that the lady who loved Thailand is reunited with her relatives.

Thai Visa / Daily News


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