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German man admits murdering Filipina wife so he could go on sex holiday to Thailand

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German man admits murdering Filipina wife so he could go on sex holiday to Thailand | Samui Times
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Augsburg State Court in Bavaria heard how lab technician Horst Koenig, 53, murdered Grace, his wife of 10 years before then clearing out her bank account in order to pay for his trip to Thailand.

german-kills-his-wifeIn November 2015, Koenig beat Grace with a hammer and suffocated her with a plastic bag while she slept at their home.

Koenig then chopped up Grace’s body, stuffing her body parts into plastic bags and hiding them at an industrial unit he rented close to their home.

At the unit police found a computer where Koenig had researched how to kill someone.

Before flying out to Thailand on December 2 2015, Koenig tried to cover his tracks and accessed Grace’s email account, contacting friends and family saying she had left him and was going to return to the Philippines, the Daily Mail reports.

He told the court he flew to Pattaya to meet a woman he had been chatting to online, saying: “What she promised, seemed exciting, and many of my secret desires seemed to come true. I wanted to be with this woman.”

He stayed with the woman in Thailand for 3 weeks but was arrested on his return to Germany after police had been contacted by Grace’s family.

In his defence, Koenig blamed Grace’s excessive use of her mobile phone as part of the reason for him carrying out the brutal murder.

He said the woman he met in Pattaya was a distraction from his “gloomy daily life” in Germany.

“My wife increasingly lived on her mobile phone to the extent that she once burned a pot on the stove,” he said.

Koenig added that he thought about killing himself in Thailand but could not go through with it. Then his money ran out and his visa was about to expire so he was forced to return home to Germany.

Koenig has admitted murder and faces life in prison. The trial is expected to last one week.

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