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Ghost caught in a photo at the scene of a fatal accident

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Ghost caught in a photo at the scene of a fatal accident | Samui Times
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In Chiang Rai province a rescue worker has claimed that he has captured a ghost in a photograph. The picture was taken at the scene of an accident that killed a woman on October 10th. Mr. Seksit Dechkit, 28, arrived at the scene with other rescue workers and found Ms. Chirapon Tapa, 26, stuck in the wreckage of her car that had smashed into an electrical pole. Mr Seksit said that as part of the rescue routine with the Sirikorn Rescue Foundation of Chiang Rai, he took ten photographs at the scene and later posted a few of them to his facebook page. The rescue worker said he ghostthought no more of the photos until he realized that they had been widely shared and on closer inspection he realized that a spirit could be seen walking away from the accident. He said “When I checked the photo and took a close look at it, my friends and I just had goosebumps,” and claimed that there was no woman around the accident site and certainly not one dressed in white.

The photograph shows a faint reflection of a woman in white on a car near where the dead body was being retrieved. Mr. Seksit claims that the photograph has not been altered in anyway but there is no proof that this is not a simple case of phototshoping for fun or is in fact groundbreaking evidence of ghosts.

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