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Is it ghost or undertaker?

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Is it ghost or undertaker? | Samui Times
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A photo taken during a cremation rite led to a widespread debate among online social networkers whether it was a rare capture of ghost or whether an undertaker happened to be in the scene.

ghost sighting in ThailandIt was the cremation of Suthep Khamprasong or Khru Rod, 89, the late temple affair manager of Adisorn Temple in Tambon Bueng Thong Lang of Pathum Thani’s Lamluka district.
The funeral was held on Sunday at the temple. A woman, Pimpisut Poonsawat, took the picture of the crematory, hoping to capture the sign of Khru Rod’s name and the rite for remembering him.
She said when she viewed the photo, she saw a man was standing on the crematory. The man was wearing a white shirt and black trousers.
Pimpisut, a teacher of Den Prathum Kindergarten School, said she zoomed in to see the man’s face but it was blurred. She said she was sure that when she took the photo, no one was there on the crematory.
She showed the photo to Khru Rod’s relatives and they asked for a copy and they believe the man in the photo was the ghost of the man whose body was being cremated.
Pimpisut said she did not post the photo on Facebook and she did not know who posted it.
The photo received a lot of comments from Facebook users. Many of them believe the picture capture the ghost of Khru Rod but several others do not believe so. They said an undertaker might happen to walk up the crematory and stood there.
Khru Rod’s son, Supoj Khamprasong, 65, is among the believers. He said he was certain that the man was his father’s ghost because he was wearing the same clothes given to him by his grandson. The relatives had him wear the clothes for the cremation.
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