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Ghostbuster monk sought in latest Udon cremation site twist

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Ghostbuster monk sought in latest Udon cremation site twist | Samui Times
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Relatives have sought the advice of a famous monk expert in ways of the supernatural to help release the spirits of the dead trapped in the Nong Preu, Udon, area.

Ghost Buster MonkThe advice comes after mysterious pictures were taken at the site of investigations into illegal cremations, a story that has captivated the Thai public, reports Daily News.

Some twenty piles of charred bones have been found in a 1-2 rai plot of land and authorities have already accepted that many are human remains and possibly victims of murder. DNA tests are being carried out with comparisons made to relatives who have reported people missing.

Allegations have been made of police involvement after a man said on Sunday that four officers extorted money from him on two occasions saying he would end up in the woods if he didn’t pay.

Bodies have likely been incinerated using tyres to burn them effectively.

Earlier in the week pictures taken by a cable TV man convinced relatives that he had captured images of their relatives appearing to seek justice for their wrongful deaths. Eerie figures are seen “floating” in the background as official check the site.

The souls are apparently trapped in the area and cannot move on to the next life.

Relatives sought the advice of Phra Khru Phiphat Witthayakhon or Luang Phor Charoen Thanyutto the abbot of the temple of Noon Sawang in Nong Wua Sor district of Udon.

The learned monk said that the people had died unnaturally or before their time was up. He then described how nails have to be inserted around the area of the remains then removed in order to free the spirits and stop them causing trouble by coming back to haunt the living.

Thai Visa / Daily News

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