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Ghosts seeking justice? Udon cremation site search just got creepier!

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Ghosts seeking justice? Udon cremation site search just got creepier! | Samui Times
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As forensics continued to pore over the Udon site where human remains have been found, a captivated Thai public now believe they have seen the spirits of the dead.

cremation siteWhile police and other officials examine one of the sites in the Nong Pheu area pictures taken by a cable TV company appear to show mysterious figures in the background, reports Daily News.

Some twenty metres behind the officials at least one of the figures is ‘floating without his feet on the ground’ it is claimed. Thais on social media are convinced these are spirits of the dead coming to seek justice for their untimely demise.

The pictures were taken by a local cable TV reporter identified as Tor or “Victor”. After the pictures were posted online and shared multiple times on the Line messaging app questions were asked about the veracity of the pictures. But “Victor” said they were genuine pictures that had not been tampered with or edited in any way.

Many Thais, convinced the figures were indeed spirits beseeching authorities to seek justice, posted their opinions on Line.

The case of the almost two dozen burial sites – referred in the Thai media as “the car tyre burial sites” because of claims that bodies were burned there illegally using tyres to incinerate them completely – is top of the news in Thailand.

In latest developments head of the police forensics hospital carrying out the investigations Dr Pornchai Suthirakhun has said that there are definitely human remains among some 20 piles of bones and other evidence that the team has uncovered.

Dr Pornchai said that forensics were able to say with certainty that some of the remains are human though more tests are needed to discover which body parts have been found.

DNA testing is underway not just of the bones themselves but of many relatives who claim that the bones are their loved ones murdered and cremated in the area by persons unknown.
The remains have come to light due to fires and drought revealing previously hidden parts of the 1-2 rai area of scrub.

Dr Pornchai said that examining the remains is quite a slow process due to the degraded nature of the bones and it may be impossible to extract DNA from some fragments.

“But we will do this as fast and as well as we can, ” said Dr Pornchai “as this is a case in the public interest.”

At the weekend a man claimed at a police meeting that he had been threatened with ending up dead in the area if he did not pay ransoms to four policemen, who he named. “Uncle Joo” said that 560,000 baht was extorted from him on two occasions before he decided to go public.

Police continue to investigate.

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