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Giant-faced bats died mysteriously in mass at Erawan park

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Giant-faced bats died mysteriously in mass at Erawan park | Samui Times
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Thousands of “giant-faced” bats were found lying dead in front of their marine cave at Erawan national park in Sisawat district of Kanchanaburi province, sparking fear that they might die from epidemic.

dead batsUpon learning of the massive death of these bats, the Erawan park chief Porayut Waiwong went to inspect the scene yesterday and ordered to collect their carcasses for laboratory examination to find the actual cause of the death.

He also ordered temporary use of fresh water flowing pass the “Tham Nan” cave to be suspended until it was tested safe for consumption.

Locals living near the park were also advised not to use water in the vicinity temporarily until test has been conducted and proved to be safe.

He and his men later buried all the carcasses with limes being used as layers to prevent the spread of the disease.

More than 1,000 carcasses were found in front of Tham Nam which is located at the rear of the Erawan park protection office 1 (Tham Phra That).

Authorities said these giant faced bats died about a week ago as some of them had been dried and some decomposed.

They initially suspected they might be died from suffocation after rising water blocked the cave entrance.

There were traces of water levels on walls inside the cave indicating the level was unusually high, said one veterinarian from Mahidol University inspecting the cave with the park’s team yesterday.

Bats living at another cave 800 metres away called Tham Phra That were not affected, he said, thus dismissing fear of an epidemic.

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