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Girl missing from Surat Thani to Bangkok train found raped and dead by the tracks

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Girl missing from Surat Thani to Bangkok train found raped and dead by the tracks | Samui Times
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A thirteen year old girl that went missing on an overnight train from Surat Thani to Bangkok on Sunday as been found dead near the rail tracks in Pranburi district of Prachup Khiri Khan province. The grim discover was made on Tuesday morning. It was initially thought that she had been raped and thrown out of the train as it sped towards the capital.

train deathThe suspected perpetrator of the crime, a 22 year old outsourced railway employee whose job it was to change the bed sheets was later arrested and went on to confess to raping and killing the girl who so far has only been identified as Nong Gaem. He told officers that he threw her body out of a window in sleeper car number 174 of the train. Wanchai Saengkhao was flown to Pranburi to reenact the crime amid the protection of hundreds of police officers who feared he would be mobbed and assaulted by furious local residents.

The girl’s relatives went to Hua Hin where a train bed sheet and blood stained T-shirt were found close to the track. Her naked body was found in thick grass five meters from the southern track about two kilometers away from where the railway crosses the entrance of the Pran Buri forst park in Wang Pong sub-district, Pran Buri district.

It took relatives and rescue workers around two hours to find her body in the dark early hours of the morning. Suspect Wanchai said that he had been taking methamphetamines since the train left Nakhon Si Thammarat province and had also been drinking beer in the fourth sleeping car prior to the attack on the girl who was in the third car of the train. After drinking he walked past the girls bed and opened a window in the non-air-conditioned sleeper car so that the wind would block any noise made from the attack. He then raped the girl, killed her and threw her from the train as it made its approach to Wang Pong station. He then threw the blood stained bed sheets and the victims clothes out of the window while the train was passing the Nong Kae station adjacent to the Wang Pong station.

The girl’s body was admitted to the Police General Hospital in Bangkok for an autopsy later today.

In the meantime Facebook users have set up an online group proposing the death penalty against those responsible for committing rape and murder and it has attracted some 6,000 members so far.

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