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Girlfriend of British Man who bled to death in Hua Hin speaks out

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Girlfriend of British Man who bled to death in Hua Hin speaks out | Samui Times
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The girlfriend of Iain Mackay, who died after cutting himself when he kicked a mirror has spoken out to a UK, based newspaper.

Since reports emerged that the Scottish seaman kicked a mirror causing a fatal injury after seeing his girlfriend with another man, his girlfriend Nilobon has told a UK newspaper that the incident was nothing other than a horrible accident and she had no part in the tragedy, despite being accused by many of indirectly causing the fatal accident.

IAIN MackayNilobon, known locally as Patty has been quoted as saying that she was shocked and upset about what has happened and that she thought that Iain was a lovely man. She wants people to know that she had nothing to do with his death, especially those who have been calling her telling her she should leave Hua Hin.

Reports suggest that 40 year old Iain went into a bar where Patty works and became infuriated when he discovered she was not there. Police have said that in his rage he kicked a wall mirror and in doing so severed an artery in one leg and badly injuring the other one.

Reports on social media sites suggest that his rage came about because he believed Patty was with another man, a claim that she denies. Friends of Iain’s on Facebook claimed that hours before his death he had posted a video of Patty and another man drinking together.

Patty told reporters that she and Iain met about three years ago in Bangkok. Iain worked away and spent his free time living with Patty at her home in Hua Hin. She claimed that the relationship had been going well, despite him having to go away for two months at a time, however his last trip took him away for six months and when he returned to her on the 22nd of March the couple decided to put their relationship on hold. Patty told reporters that she picked him up from the airport and everything seemed to be OK until he told her they had things to discuss. During that discussion he told her that he was having trouble settling down in one place and making the relationship work. He went on to say that he did not think the couple had a future together. She said she agreed as she had found his six month absence hard to handle, despite still loving him. Iain moved into a hotel but still kept in touch with Patty, even doing his laundry at her home.

Patty says that she was on the beach with her son prior to the incident that resulted in Iain’s death. She said on her way home she met Iain in a beer garden where the pair enjoyed a drink and something to eat. She left around 6pm when she said Iain was in a good frame of mind and seemed to be happy. She said he had planned to go out and get drunk as he had just finished a long shift at work and felt like enjoying his holiday.

Later on that night she says she saw Iain hanging around on a pavement outside the bar she was drinking in with friends. She said that he appeared to be drunk when he came up to her and started shouting at her, as it was now 1am she decided to return home. Patty said that she asked Iain if he wanted her to take him home, but he declined the offer saying he was having too much fun. She thought no more of the incident until the following morning when the police arrived to inform her of his death. She was informed that Iain had gone to the Master Cues Pool Bar to look for her at around 3am, when she was not to be found he kicked the mirror. She went on to say that this was not the first time that Iain had lost control through drink, but it was not something that had happened recently. She also said that she had been in contact with his family who had been very supportive towards her. She stressed that Iain was not a violent man but alcohol sometimes caused him to be confused and on the odd occasion that had happened he had always been very apologetic the following day. She said “He had a very good heart and I really loved him”. So far his family have declined to comment on the incident.

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