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Some Good News. Centara respond to racism accusations.

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Some Good News. Centara respond to racism accusations. | Samui Times
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With the news (reported in Samui Times yesterday) regarding the treatment of the Samui children at the Jungle Splash park in Phuket starting to spread around the island of Samui, there was a pleasant update to the story when Centara who manage the resort and Splash Park contacted me to offer their apologies, and to insist that they are investigating the matter and will take all actions required to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

While I still cannot condone the initial behaviour of the park staff involved, I think I can say that the quickness and professional response form Centara management does indeed merit some praise.

All too often big corporate customers can be slow to respond and sometimes even blasé. However, the action by Mr Axel Jehangir, Assistant Director of Sales, has demonstrated that they are genuinely sorry for what has happened and they have asked to be able to try to redeem themselves.

In a very long and considered email and then a follow up telephone conversation, Mr Axel has apologized on behalf of the staff and the company, and has promised “I will investigate with all departments and staff involved to seek clarification regarding the sequence of events and how it was handled in order for this misunderstanding to not reoccur in the future, and take necessary disciplinary action if needed”

He has also commented

“I have to be honest with you, this is the first time anyone in the Waterpark was ever accused in this way as we only want to offer a safe fun day out for families and kids, however thinking about the boys going home sadly ,we simply would like to make them happy again”

Mr Axel has invited all of the Samui United Academy teams to the Jungle Splash Park on their next visit for free to try to make up in a small way for any upset or embarrassment caused.

Congratulations to Centara for their quick response and effort to address this problem, and lets hope the boys from Samui United Academy can celebrate their next tournament in Phuket in style. Perhaps, a trophy and a celebration splash together with their teammates, whatever colour they are.

A little bit of my faith has been restored today … and that’s a good way to end the week.


Philip Space

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