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Some good news from Maria Linsley on her robbery

Samui Times Editor



Some good news from Maria Linsley on her robbery | Samui Times
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Hello all. Some good news! The thieves that broke into my house and stole my lap top have been caught and arrested. They sang like canaries and have told the police of at least ten other burglaries and what they took from where.

Unfortunately my lap top has not been recovered. As it was practically brand new, it was sold to a shop in Lamai (I will post details of which shop as soon as I have it) and they sold it on. The shop owner has also been arrested for receiving and selling on stolen goods.

robberyIf anybody knows anybody that has recently purchased a black 8gb, 1 terabyte Dell laptop (with half a charger cord) Serial Number 3224666490043 VBW009100 (The pic attached is of the details on the box!) I would urge them to do the right thing and let me know. I have the receipt of purchase and can prove ownership.

The Police in Nathon have recovered a number of phones, iPads, cameras and TVS so if you’ve had anything stolen recently it might be worth a trip down there to see if any of the goods belong to you. We didn’t realise it at the time, but they also took our Canon camera and we have got that back!

If anyone knows ANYTHING about the laptop, please contact me on 0935 984248. There will be no repercussions from me – I just want my property returned as it has all my work/pictures on the hard disk. I know it’s a long shot but someone might just have a conscience!!!!

Thanks a million for taking the time to read this post.

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