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Gov wants Phuket beaches to be ‘among best in world’

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Gov wants Phuket beaches to be ‘among best in world’ | Samui Times
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During a recent monthly beach cleaning activity at Kamala Beach, Phuket Governor Nisit Jansomwong announced that he wants to see Phuket beaches once more ranked among the best in the world.

phuket best beaches in the worldThat could be a hard ask. He noted, “Phuket currently has no beaches ranked in the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world, even though we are a world class tourist destination. I think we have to adjust Phuket and make tourism here more sustainable. It is the island̕s main income,” he said.

He has an idea to push improvements: “In the coming 12 months we will hold a contest to find the best and worst beaches in each district. Hopefully, this will convince people to be more concerned about our valuable public property.”

He added that the beach-cleaning activity he joined is aimed at encouraging people to become more concerned about beach cleanliness. But to achieve this, cooperation from the private sector, local people and tourists is needed.

He also mentioned that the beach zoning project will soon be finished, following the implementation of beach zoning at all beaches in Muang district – from Karon to Naiharn.

The governor said, “We want to make local people and businesses feel proud about and love their beautiful beaches, and also to help keep them clean.” The award for worst beach may also alarm local businesses to the point where they do something to clean up the sand.

“If we show concern about our own property [the beaches], the tourists who visit will also respect them, and will take care of them as we do.

Regarding the beach zoning, the governor said that beaches in Muang district have already had their zoning plans, and regulations will come into force in the near future.

“In the Muang district we have now completed the plan for the 10-per-cent zoning areas for each beach.

“We also have regulations set out for each beach. However, these will vary as some beaches do not have any umbrellas, and some do not allow masseurs on the sand, while some do.

“I will make an announcement as soon as the other two districts [Kathu and Thalang] complete the plans for their beaches, and I will ensure the rules are enforced.”

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