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Govt spokesman says protesters are old faces

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Govt spokesman says protesters are old faces | Samui Times
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The government has called on those protesting against coal power plants not to use fasting to cause conflicts in the society. Government Spokesman Lt.Gen.Sansern Kaewkamnerd said the current political protesters are still the same group of people. 

Govt spokesman says protesters are old faces | News by Samui TimesThe spokesman said everything must proceed in accordance with the roadmap that the prime minister has announced. However, the National Legislative Assembly has voted to delay promulgation of the election law by another 90 days.

The spokesman added that while those who are protesting against the government are a familiar group of protesters, they are coming out more often during this period.

As for the coal power plant protesters, the spokesman said the premier cares for all groups of protesters and confirmed that the government did not order the construction of coal power plants. He urged them to be open-minded and listen to opinions of other groups.


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