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Grandma returns to life at funeral

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Grandma returns to life at funeral | Samui Times
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A 95-year-old woman rose from the dead at her funeral in Udon Thani on Wednesday.

An elderly woman identified as Tieb Boongate reportedly died Tuesday of old age at a Bangkok hospital, but as her relatives clasped her hands to say goodbye at the funeral, they felt a pulse on her wrist.

Fortunately for Tieb, she’d instructed her family not to use embalming fluid to preserve her body after she died.

Her family told the press they were sure grandma was dead as her body was hard and cold, but at the funeral it started to feel warm as if she was sleeping.

A doctor from Udon Thani Hospital was summoned to the funeral where he said grandma was alive and suffering from exhaustion.

No explanation was given as to how the hospital mistakenly certified her death.


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