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Grandmother in shock: She heard the grisly details about daughter’s murder on TV news

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Grandmother in shock: She heard the grisly details about daughter’s murder on TV news | Samui Times
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A 68 year old mother and grandmother in Sukhothai is in complete shock after hearing the terrible details of her daughter’s grisly murder by her grandson on the evening Thai TV news. 

Grandmother in shock: She heard the grisly details about daughter's murder on TV news | News by Samui Times

Yuree, 42, was apparently murdered by her son Sira, 20, in Bang Khun Thian, Bangkok. 

A work colleague – concerned that she had not turned up at an auto finance company – had gone to her house on Monday where she found the son in tears. 

In the freezer section of a fridge was the torso of Yuree in five pieces. Police found parts of her breasts in a toilet.

Graphics on Amarin TV showed the exact position of the victim’s head, torso and other body parts in the top part of the refrigerator. 

After the work colleague’s visit the son shot himself in the head and died later in Nakhon Thon hospital. 

Yesterday Sanook reporters went to the victim’s hometown village of Ban Rai in Sri Samrong district of Sukhothai.

Relatives were preparing for the funeral at Wat Ban Rai in a state of utter disbelief. 

Phu Yai Ban Montree, 57, told reporters that Yuree’s mother Prasong lives alone in the village. He said that Yuree was a lovely woman who always had a friendly greeting and smiles for everyone on her visits back to her hometown in the holidays. 

He said that her son had lived with his grandmother for 2-3 years as a child before he went to live in Bangkok. He described him as a quiet loner. 

He rarely came with his mother on her visits. 

Reporters then went to talk to Prasong, 68, who said that the last time she saw her daughter was during a visit at the end of Buddhist Lent. 

A granddaughter who works at a nearby gas station contacted her on Monday afternoon to tell her that Yuree had been killed but didn’t tell her the details in order to shield her from the terrible reality. 

But when she turned on the evening TV news the full shocking details became apparent. 

She said that her daughter had told her over the phone that her grandson was suffering from depression and that she had taken him to see a doctor. 

His condition improved after taking medication, she said. 

Only last Saturday she called to say that she had transferred 2,000 baht and that she would be visiting again at New Year.

She said on this occasion she would be bringing her grandson. 

She said that she was finding it impossible to come to terms with what had happened saying that both her daughter and her grandson enjoyed a good relationship and were very nice people. 

The horrific case is at the top of the Thai news, notes Thaivisa. 


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