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Grieving brother of Nick Pearson who died in Thailand is sacked

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Grieving brother of Nick Pearson who died in Thailand is sacked | Samui Times
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Tbrother of a Derby man, who tragically died in mysterious circumstances in Thailand, has been sacked from his teaching job in the country – for spending too much time off grieving.

Matt Pearson taught English but, just three months after the death of his brother, Nick, he has been forced to search for a new job.

The shocking news came out of the blue after Matt said he was originally told to take as much time off as he wanted. Matt, who has taught at the school for three years, said his bosses have axed him and a replacement teacher has already been found.

Nick PearsonThe 29-year-old said: “I’m absolutely distraught. What they have done is heartless and I feel like I’ve been treated like a piece of dirt.”In another blow for the family, Matt’s grandma, Mary Pearson, of Mackworth, has passed away after a battle with Alzheimer’s.

Matt is planning to return to Thailand later this week, where he now has an interview for a job as a football coach. He said the way he has been treated has made him leave the teaching profession. Matt said: “I had a message that said ‘I’m really sorry but you were told you were only entitled to seven days’. I was told I’d breached my contract which is horrible.

“You would treat an animal better than this. “It’s completely heartless and terrible. “It’s been the worst year of my life, with my grandma dying as well. “We were incredibly close and she was an amazing lady.” Nick had been with his mum and dad in Thailand over New Year visiting Matt.

However, after spending New Year’s Eve having dinner on the beach, Nick decided to return to his hotel room at 1.30am because he was feeling tired. His body was found the next day in the sea. His dad, Graham, who lives with his wife, Tracey, at Prescot Close, Mickleover, said the latest news about Matt losing his job has been “like a dagger to the heart”. He said: “I’m really gutted for him because he works incredibly hard. It’s a complete disgrace.

“After my mum passed away and after this news I’ve thought it does not get any worse because it’s been one thing after another. “Nick and Matt loved their grandma and they were always laughing with each other. “She used to look after them when they were younger and they were very close. “With everything that has happened, it could take us years to get over it. “We have good and bad days and try to take it gradually.” Tracey said she could not believe the news about Matt.

She said: “I’m absolutely devastated for him. He’s been left with no money or job now. It’s so ruthless.”

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