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Ground breaking ceremony for special needs school of Koh Samui

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Ground breaking ceremony for special needs school of Koh Samui | Samui Times
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Ground breaking ceremony for Special Needs School Koh Samui Sunday January 25th 2015 – updated information

1400 Honoured Guests, Officials, Government Employees, Member of the Foundation, Members of Friends of Special Needs School and School Employees arrive at Reception at Groundbreaking Ceremony location.

1415 Autistic Children perform Traditional Thai Dancing “pra Kwan” (translated as “God’s Blessing”).

1430 The Master of Ceremony (MC), Pra Mongkol Theephacharn Abbot of Wat Jang, arrives.

1439 The President lights the Candles to the Three Jewels of Buddhism – The Buddha, The Teachings of Buddha and The Monk.

The Host will chant five Commandments.

The Priests chant the Blessing.

1459 The President will light the Candles for the offering followed by the Host who will also light Candles. The President will lay a set of eight of each gold, silver and copper leaves at the base of the Groundbreaking hole, followed by gold and silver coins. The President will attach gold leafs to and Bless the Holy Stone.

1509 The President will lay the stakes of Sacred Wood to the nine points of the compass whilst the Priests are Chanting and Reciting Blessings. The President will then lay in order the Golden, then Silver and finally the Bronze Bricks at the bottom of the hole. The President will lay the “Jewels Box” into the hole, surrounded by the bricks which have just been laid, followed by Holy Flowers.

One of the Priests will bless the area with Holy Water, whilst another Priest fills the hole with sand.

Priests receive an Offering as arranged by the Foundation.

-o-Assembled Company disperse-o-

The Chairman and Members of Samui Special Needs Foundation

Request the Pleasure of the Company of Friends of Special Needs School, Koh Samui, to The Groundbreaking Ceremony at the Site, as already advised, at 2pm on Sunday 25th January 2015.

Dress: Smart Informal.

RSVP: Onuma (Ying) Robertson

Advising of numbers, to

มูลนิธิเด็กพิเศษเกาะสมุยSamui Special Needs Foundation
112/2 หมู่ที่ 3 ถนนชลวิถี ตำบลอ่างทอง อำเภอเกาะสมุย จังหวัดสุราษฎร์ธานี 84310
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