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A group of caring resident Russians clean up after their tourist counterparts

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A group of caring resident Russians clean up after their tourist counterparts | Samui Times
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When Russian island resident Alex came to live in Koh Samui with his wife, he noticed that the relationship between the Thai people and the some of the Russian nationals, who take extended vacations here to escape the Russian winters, was a little strained. Something he puts down the fact that Koh Samui attracts a lot of tourists from Russia and some of them “think they can Russian grafitido whatever they want, in a place where they are guests”. This attitude includes thinking they can put insulting graffiti on walls and rocks around the island, some of it aimed at other Russians.

Alex and his friends are very concerned that behavior such as this will do nothing but escalate the situation towards foreigners from Russia. He says that not all Russians are bad people, but it is easy for a nation to be all tarred under the same brush when a handful of bad people give a country a bad name. He and his friends are ashamed to see what their fellow countrymen have Russian grafiti 1done to spoil parts of the island and Alex feels a sense of responsibility towards righting this wrong. He and his other Russian friends, who reside in Koh Samui, have a deep respect for the country and for the island. He says this is the reason that he would like to extend his apologies for the actions of Russians on holiday who do not share his respect and have defaced rocks and walls.

After being alerted to the problem on a Russia’s equivalent to Facebook,Vkontakte, when posts popped up asking who would do such a thing, he took it upon himself to clean up the mess along with some of his equally concerned friends who have also vowed to invest their time cleaning not only the graffiti but improving the state of the beaches.

Russian grafiti 2He stresses that he is not part of any organization, he and his friends are just responsible foreigners who want to volunteer their time to keep Samui clean. Something he hopes will catch on in other communities he says “I urge all foreigners, no matter where they are from, to be prudent and to keep this paradise that called Koh Samui island clean, I think it’s just small thing that we can do for the island.”

Alex and his friends are so keen to keep Koh Samui clean that he has asked other residents to contact him if they come across any graffiti that needs to be removed, or graffiti in any other language. You can contact Alex via the Samui Times by dropping an email to

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