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Group of 7 successfully walk the entire Samui ring road

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Group of 7 successfully walk the entire Samui ring road | Samui Times
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Yesterday a group of walking enthusiasts walked the entire Samui ring road. Des tells us more –

desYet another memorable day in Paradise! Yesterday at 7am about 12 of us set out for our 11th attempt to walk the 52km ring road round the island. The weather was perfect, cloudy & windy, 7 of us finished in between 7hrs 35mins & 9hrs 20 minutes. As each one of us finished we call received a splendid reception at the One Way pub (our start & finish point). One may wonder why the finish line is always at a pub??? Well I think most people an work that one out and boy did we all deserve a beer!

I think there will be many photos on our Facebook page “KOH SAMUI HILL WALKS”, it was a fantastic day & the first 4 of us had no problems, except for severe fatigue, which was soon cured by the consumption of copious amounts of Leo & a soothing foot-wash in ice-cold water by Collette, followed by baby powdering, she soothed a lot of tired feet!!!

The final 3 guys all arrived together in pretty good shape, brilliant considering it was a first time for all of them. I think it will probably be my last time, I was super tired but I had to finish it because it was the 10th completion for the legendary Geir & myself.

Now I’m taking 2 days off before the Wednesday hill walk & the first thing I’m going to do is meet Geir for a beer on the beach in 20 minutes, cheers for now, Des.

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