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Group Of Pakistanis Arrested Over Counterfeit Money Scam

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Group Of Pakistanis Arrested Over Counterfeit Money Scam | Samui Times
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A group of Pakistani nationals have been arrested after trying to scam convenience stores by exchanging counterfeit money.

Chiang Rai Police said they arrested 6 Pakistanis for the scam which detailed paying for items in a convenience store with counterfeit bills-only later to return the item in order to receive real currency.

The group apparently targeted stores where little English was spoken in order to confuse the clerks upon asking to return the item. In many instances, the clerks would then forget they had taken the unknown counterfeit money and exchanged it with real money

After an employee at a convenience store reported the incident, the police started an investigation that initially resulted in the arrest of two of the gang members at a control point in Chiang Rai Province’s Mae Chan District. Both were called Shakeela, 38 years old, who would be the “buyer” in the scam, while Muhammed, 31 years old, was a lookout driver. Both are currently under custody at the Mae Chan Police Station.

Group Of Pakistanis Arrested Over Counterfeit Money Scam | News by Samui Times

(Photo: Immigration Police)

Police were able to track one of the gang’s vehicles by GPS, finding that they committed similar offences at the beginning of this month in the northern provinces of Lamphun, Chiang Mai and Phitsanulok. The Chiang Mai Court eventually released four arrest warrants for the remainder of the defendants discovered in a car intercepted at a drug checkpoint while driving from Chiang Mai to Bangkok.

They were called Mudasser 20 years old, Hussain 35 years old, Anwar 29 years old and Imran 29 years old. All four are under arrest at the police station in Chiang Mai, awaiting trial.


SOURCE: Thai Residents

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