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Happy ending for abandoned ‘ghost’ girl

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Happy ending for abandoned ‘ghost’ girl | Samui Times
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Nine years ago when the Ngog Suk family were given the news from a local Shaman that their home was being haunted by a flesh-devouring ghost the petrified family fled from their home in a village in rural Ubon Ratchathani. However as they hastily prepared to flee from what they felt was imminent danger they chose to leave their three year old daughter abandoned an alone in the haunted house.

abandoned ghost girlBlamed for the spiritual misfortune that fell on the family little Nong Kiew has had to survive alone with minimal assistance from neghbours. She has been surviving by earning a few baht a day doing jobs around the village to pay for her food and schooling.

Story has it that when some villagers died many years ago the Shaman was called in to find the cause. He explained that the deaths were caused by “Pob” a highly feared ghost that is known to devour the flesh of humans during the night. When Kiew’s family first abandoned her it is said that her family briefly returned to enroll her into school before exiting her life for good.
abandoned ghost girl 1Since this story broke it has now been reported that the young girl has a new home. News of her life reached the Rajaprajanugroh Foundation who stepped up and took her in. She was first taken to the government run children home for evaluation where she will spend five days being fed and sheltered while a psychiatrist will evaluate her condition in the facility that is operated by the Office of Social Development and Human Security. Then she will be transferred to the foundations housing where she will have room, board and education. The little girl is said to be very grateful for the opportunity and has pledged to work hard in her studies so she can become a doctor to help other people.

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