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“Most hated German in Thailand” now scamming the Japanese in Osaka.

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“Most hated German in Thailand” now scamming the Japanese in Osaka. | Samui Times
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A beggar with a swollen leg who once called the Thais stupid for donating money to him is now trying to con the Japanese in Osaka.

imageBenjamin Holst was once described by news media as “the most hated German in Thailand” after a series of begging scams in Khao San Road and Pattaya in 2014 and thereafter.

Thais had taken pity on “Big Leg” after he spun a story about losing a bag and all his documents. Thai Rath helped him out and the Thai authorities aided him with funds to get him back to Germany.

But in no time he was up to the same old tricks – the next time begging in Pattaya where he was seen the worse for wear due to drink, somewhat legless in fact.

He said that the Thais were stupid for giving him 40,000 baht and he was now having the time of his life chasing women at the resort with the Thais’ donations in his back pocket.

In subsequent years there were reports of him trying it on in Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Now a Thai on a trip to Japan has seen him begging on a bridge in a tourist spot in the city of Osaka.

Adulkit Thongthip posted his experience on Facebook saying that Benjamin struck up a conversation with him about having been to Thailand a couple of years ago.

He shook the Thai’s hand perhaps oblivious to the contempt with which he is held in the kingdom.

Thai Rath – now forgetting the pity and referring to him as “Ay Khaa Too” (Bloody Big Leg) – said that he was pictured on Facebook recounting his adventures to Universal Studios describing his “Very Happy Good Life”.

Though perhaps all was not going to plan – a trip to Korea was on hold after he was denied a visa, said Thai Rath.

News media Coconuts described him as “the most hated German in Thailand” in a 2016 report about his activities.

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