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Health Risks of Energy drinks

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Health Risks of Energy drinks | Samui Times
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Doctors agree that energy drink dangers aren’t a healthy choice overall but there are some people who should never drink them as their risk for dangerous side effects is much higher.

Do Not Use Energy Boosters if You Have…

• Any heart problem – or history of heart disease in your family. • Gastrointestinal problems – including irritable bowel or a health drinkshistory of ulcers. • Liver problems – especially those with hepatitis or cirrhosis. • Kidney problems – this is most critical for those patients on dialysis. • Any form of diabetes – type one or type two – the sugar content is far too high. • Mood or behavior disorders – energy drink dangers impact your central nervous system.

Reported Complaints Linked to Energy Drink Dangers

• Dehydration • Nutrient loss • Insomnia • Rapid heart rate • Agitation and irritability • High blood pressure • Seizures or convulsions • Cardiac arrest • Death

The human body requires between 8-10 cups of water each and every day in order to stay properly hydrated. Not only do these energy drinks not count toward your daily fluid intake, they actually leach your body of essential nutrients.

Energy drinks and supplements are typically consumed by young teenage consumers are not aware of the risk of caffeine overdose on these products.

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