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Heartfelt plea for help from May Ling who is at Bob’s bedside

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Heartfelt plea for help from May Ling who is at Bob’s bedside | Samui Times
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Bob Jong is a name many of us are now familiar with. Bob is a member of our community who is putting up an incredible battle against cancer. Sadly not everybody has had the pleasure of meeting Bob, those who have are very lucky. Bob is a man who has an incredible smile, a fantastic sense of humor, a warmth and understanding that makes Bobbeing his friend incredibly special and he has a thirst for life that humbles those who know him. Bob is currently in hospital in Singapore fighting very hard for his life. Here is a message from May Lin a lady who continues to be inspired by Bob as she does all she can for her very special friend.

Hello, my name is May, I am a good friend of Bob.
I am writing this message to all his supporters on his behalf.

Bob has been the through more than anyone should go through in a life time especially in the last few weeks.
Although there where complications after his bowel surgery he recovered, only to suffer a massive breakdown which very nearly took his life.
Since then Bob has been in hospital, his liver only recently stopped working and he needs to undergo regular dialysis for the one kidney he has left, this whilst fighting terminal cancer.
With all this going on, medical costs have sky rocketed and unfortunately last week his chemo treatments had to be stopped, without these chemo treatments his life expectancy is short, very short.

Bob is the kindest person I have ever met, always helping and supporting others even now with his caring attitude he comforts other cancer patients, Bob does need help urgently without this we will be unable to pay hospital bills and more importantly he needs to start his chemo treatments again.
Everyone has been extremely generous in the past and I cannot give enough thanks for this.

Please help Bob, he does so deserve this:

Thank you all.
May Ling

Bob desperately wants to live and needs your help to do so. What can be more precious than giving the gift of life? On behalf of Bob and his friend May Ling and all of Bob’s other friends whose life will be far less complete without him we ask you to give generously, and hope everybody will have the pleasure of meeting him in the future.


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