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Help desperately needed for dogs in Maenam Soi 1

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Help desperately needed for dogs in Maenam Soi 1 | Samui Times
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Residents of Maenam are urgently seeking homes for two dogs. The story started a year ago when 4 black dogs were dumped on Soi 1 at the T-junction to the waterfall. A boy and three girls. Local dogs need homes in Koh Samuiresidents, feeling sorry for the dogs, started to feed them, however help came too late for one female dog who was in poor health and died. Concerned residents formed a team and each day one member went to feed the dogs and play with them. In July 2015 the dogs were sterilised by Dog Rescue. Unfortunately, despite being given great care, the dogs developed a nasty habit of chasing bikes which put them and the bike riders in danger. Local people were not happy about his and drove over the dog’s food and water bowls. The team of carers became very aware that the dogs were no longer welcome in the area. When one dog went missing the team of residents relocated the remaining dogs close to a Chinese cemetery and stone sala. The dogs lived there for a while until the owner said he was not happy with the dogs being there and once again the dogs were relocated to a wooden sala on the other side of the road. Once again the care givers were told by the owner of that land that the dogs were not welcome and again they were moved to their current location where they have spent the last five months. The owner of the current land has nothing against the dogs and has even thanked the team who have taken care of them, however one team member has been told today that somebody wants to shoot or perhaps sell the dogs to the meat traders. These dogs are now very friendly and urgently need new homes.

If you could offer a home for these lovely two dogs please contact

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