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How to help the environment, make money on used cooking oil and save money on diesel

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How to help the environment, make money on used cooking oil and save money on diesel | Samui Times
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Blue Ocean Recycling is a new company in Koh Samui whose goal is to recycle as much waste produce as they can and convert it into energy.

Their products include high energy batteries made from waste vegetable produce, pure glycerol and they will soon be producing low cost power generators. Interestingly the Blue Ocean team is currently Premium Quality Bio Diesel made from old vegetable cooking oil.

This is great news for anybody that uses cooking oil, hotels, bars, restaurants, street vendors and even households who, rather than dump their used oil in a way that often finds its way into the ocean and damages the environment, can now raise some additional revenue by selling it to Blue Ocean Recycling who will come and collect the oil.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou may be wondering how used oil can be turned into diesel and you may be surprised to find that it is a relatively easy process. First of all the used oil, once collected from around the island, is deposited into a primary filter that removes all large objects from the oil. Once the oil has been filtered it is transferred into storage vessel. Here large water particles are removed before the oil is pumped through a fine particle filter to remove any smaller particles that remain in the oil. After passing through that filter the oil then enters a specially designed reactor. The reactor was designed to Blue Ocean’s specific needs by their British Aerospace engineer to produce the highest possible quality of fuel every time it is used. Once inside the reactor the air is vacuumed out of the oil, tiny water molecules are removed and test samples are taken for careful chemical analysis. Here the quality of the oil is determined and the correct chemicals are added to convert the oil into bio diesel. The chemicals are mixed in a separate chamber that was also designed by the British Aerospace engineer. The mix is then sucked into the oil via a vacuum injector unit. Then the process begins. The oil is completely saturated with the chemical mix, a process that takes up to two hours. After the mixing is complete the oil is pumped to settling vessels. Time is then taken to ensure a full reaction and twelve hours pass by before the fuel bio oil testis split properly. This process removes the bad and dirty glycerol from the oil, and the bio diesel goes onto the next stage where it is washed four or five times to remove the chemicals that were used in the initial process. After the washing is complete a sample is taken to the laboratory where it is tested for PH level and to ensure all of the chemicals have been removed. By day three the fuel enters the final stage, drying. After twelve hours all the large water particles fall out and in the final stage of the process molecular water particles are removed and the final polishing of the fuel takes place. Another sample is taken back to the lab and the end result is a clean burning fuel that will extend the life of any diesel engine.

This is where the second lot of good news comes in. The Bio Diesel is available for purchase and can be used in a whole host of ways but is particularly great if you own a diesel run boat or car. The diesel is cheaper than you will find in the local petrol station, is protects your engine and this means fewer repairs, is will slightly increase the power of the engine, increase the fuel efficiency, there is less smoke and it is a whopping seventy five percent cleaner for the air and the best news is that is not detrimental to marine life and for continued tourism this is vital for the island that attracts so many visitors each year who enjoy snorkeling, diving and the ocean. And we all have a responsibility to ensure we preserve the islands resources.

Bio Diesel can be used in any diesel engine, but it cannot be used in engines that currently use gasohol, benzene or any other gasoline type fuel, it is very important to know that. But any engine that currently uses diesel is compatible and there are no changes to the engine required to switch to a fuel that is kind to the environment, kind to your engine and more economical.

How to help the environment, make money on used cooking oil and save money on diesel | News by Samui Times

Regular Diesel

bio oil 2

Bio Deisel

You are probably wondering what Bio Diesel is going to do to your engine, well here is the great news, Bio Diesel will start to clean the carbon deposits in your engine. Regular diesel will always leave carbon deposits in your engine and over long periods of time this will cause excess friction and that means wear and tear on your engine that will make it more prone to needing repairs. Due to this cleaning process it is recommended that you change your oil and oil filter after a few months of making the change to allow the dirt to exit the engine.

But it does not stop there, there is more good news. Once Blue Oceans Biodiesel has cleaned your engine from the destructive carbon deposits it then leaves behind a layer of oil that lubricates and protects your engine. This will help to increase the life of your engine by reducing wear and tear. Fuel efficiency will go up by ten percent too!

Bio Diesel is more combustible than regular diesel and this means that more of the pollutants are burned off and this results in cleaner emissions, great news for the environment.

So, with no bad news and only benefits there is nothing to stop Koh Samui coming together to create a cleaner environment. There is no reason that all of the diesel engine boats, cars, trucks, lorries and generators should not be using this product. All you need to do is pass this information on to everybody you know, and get the word out that there is a better way to dispose of your oil than throwing it away. The more oil that can be salvaged the more fuel can be made and with so much of the food being fried here in Thailand the potential to make a change for the better here is huge. If you would like your used oil to be collected and make up to 18 baht a liter for it, be part of making a difference to the environment and saving money on fuel then please contact Mr. Colin Parker on 0878950638, Mr. Edward Murphy on 0873811646 or Mr. May (Thai) on 0890605740 or visit the Blue Ocean by clicking Here

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