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Help Kim Kick Cancer – an update from Kim

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Help Kim Kick Cancer – an update from Kim | Samui Times
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Kim has come a long way in her fight to kick cancer, her family, friends and the local as well as international community have come together to give her the financial resources she needs to wage her battle. Here is her lasest update. (To read more about Kim’s journey click here)

Hello from Bangkok!

Today, I had my last chemo (for now as I may need more in the future). It went swimmingly and now I just have to ride out the side effects. We have about 300,000 baht left in the hospital fund, which is about £6000. My oncologist has said she wants to see me in three weeks for a PET scan to check my bloods match up to what’s going on inside. After that, I’m being sent to the oncol gynae to discuss my surgery options and set dates. This surgery is essential for me; I need to stop the oestrogen in my body as it loves attaching itself to things and forming cancerous tumours. So bye bye hormones…please stop trying to kill me!

Anyway, the operation and the following stay in hospital and care should cost about 300,000 baht. So I am making another plea for help with fundraising! I am heading towards my last bit of intensive treatment for the time being….any fundraising ideas to help me turf out my ovaries are more than welcome! Crack Kim’s egg holsters…get the ovaries out! Halt those homicidal hormones!

Help! All friends at home and abroad, any thing you feel you can give to the fund would be more than welcome. Thanks again so much…I always feel like a twat for asking, but you guys have literally kept me alive. And for that, I love you all. Thank you xxxxx

To visit the Help Kim Kick Cancer Facebook click here to donate to her fund click here

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