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Help Kim Kick Cancer – update on local resident who needs the help of her community

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Help Kim Kick Cancer – update on local resident who needs the help of her community | Samui Times
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Our readers might remember island resident Kim who has been raising funds to fight her cancer that returned last year.

Kim was diagnosed with stage 2 bilateral breast cancer in October 2012. Following surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, she was given a clean bill of health in July 2013 and was prescribed tamoxifen for five years.

help kim kick cancer 2In June of 2014 she began experiencing back pain and so had a bone scan, followed by an MRI…bith scans came back clear and so she had no reason to imagine that anything was wrong. In September 2014 she was included on a group insurance policy that covered her for everything, including breast cancer, although the company capped her coverage at 5000USD.

By September her back pain had not subsided and worsened significantly. As she had had the scans such a short time before, she had no reason to believe that her pain was due to cancer. On the 18th of October she was admitted to hospital with an infection and through the course of investigation it was revealed that she once again had cancer…this time in her bones and liver.

After fighting long and hard and not always with the positive news she wanted Kim has waged her own personal war against this horrible disease and with her incredible positive attitude by March 12th there was some good news from Kim “This week I had my mid way scan, and on my goodness I couldn’t have hoped for better news! From the bleakness of Christmas really not knowing how much longer I had left, to seeing nearly all of my bones are healing on this recent scan! I have slight progression in my liver, but my doctor thinks they were there between the first scan and the start of chemo, so have already shrunk.

This is great news and extends my prognosis greatly, so long as I don’t take a turn for the worst. My doctor has gone from saying months, to two years, to the possibility of twenty! I can only hope! My new aim is to make it to my 40th birthday“

help kim kick cancerToday Kim is still fighting and needs your help with her battle. She says “Thanks to everyone who has helped me to kick cancer so far! I’m after a little bit more help now I’m coming to the end of chemo…

I had my 6th cycle of chemo on Monday of this week. It was horrendous if I’m honest. I got my blood results back beforehand, and although generally my bloods have improved (white and red count all looking good) and my liver function is back to that of a normal persons, unfortunately my breast and ovarian tumour markers have increased, albeit by just one point. My oncologist says it’s normal for this to plateau after such a dramatic drop, but as my other bloods were looking ok, she added the second chemo drug to this cycle, which was the one that put me in hospital last time. Suffice to say, I’m being uber cautious about getting ill and am putting alcohol gel on my hands every two minutes!

Whilst in the chair on Monday, I had two allergic reactions to the Paclitaxel which is the main agent that I have in chemo. This is very rare (what a surprise with my luck) to have after already having one during my second cycle. As I’m already having a much slower infusion due to that first allergic reaction, they can’t slow it down anymore and so I will be having a reduced dose for my last two chemos. Again, something which scares me in light of the slowing down of tumour markers

Which brings me to ask for your help. I will be scheduled for my operation 3 weeks after my last chemo…the operation is quite expensive (about £5000), but it will remove the cause of my cancer, which are my murderous ovaries. I will then be on hormone treatment for the rest of my life. The money still left in the old pot is enough to cover my last two chemos and some scan costs, but I need another fundraising drive! This will be the last ‘big cost’ unless my treatment stops working and I need to change on to chemo again, but let’s hope that doesn’t happen!

I’m getting married 4 days after my next chemo, which is something to look forward to! I’ve managed to arrange everything for dirt cheap (a BBQ on the beach and a celebrant for £80!) so I can save as much money as I can for hospital costs, but the thought of this cost hanging over me is a bit daunting.

Thank you soooooo so much to everyone who has donated and been involved in fundraising so far! I would REALLY appreciate any further fundraising ideas, or if you wish to personally donate, please do so via the Fundrazr site under the name ‘help Kim kick cancer’s butt!’

Your efforts are certainly helping me to do just that….now just for this last hurdle!

Thanks everyone. you all very much xxxx”

If you would like to help Kim Kick Cancer or would like to find out more about her brave and courageous fight please visit her Facebook page by clicking here You can make a donation and make a difference today by clicking here

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