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Help pours in for poor family who plans to commit suicide to escape poverty

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Help pours in for poor family who plans to commit suicide to escape poverty | Samui Times
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Help has been streaming in for a desperate family of five in Sukhothai province who planned mass suicides to escape their abject poverty.

The family is made up of a 63-year old grandma, one disabled son and three grandsons under ten years old. As the only breadwinner, Mrs Luan Ngampit has been making a living by selling sweets which has earned her an average of 3,000 baht income a month which is barely enough to feed five mouths. Often times, they went without food.

Their plight was made public only recently when a teacher of the three kids found out that one of them went to a shop to buy insecticide with money borrowed by their grandma from someone in the neighbor so that all of them could kill themselves by taking the insecticide and would no longer have to suffer from poverty.

It was reported that it was one of the boys who initiated the idea of mass suicides.

The teacher intervened and told the boy to stop the plan. The family’s plight was then posted on the social media and it was then that help started to pour in.

Local officials have been helping to build a new house for the family while donations were provided for the family. Among the helpers was Sukhothai governor Piti Kaewsalabsee who visited the family. He asked the three boys to follow the example of Tham, an armless cyclist in Phitsanuloke, who took part in the “Bike for Mom” cycling event last month.

Mental health officials from Thung Saliam district hospital have checked the mental help of the three kids and found them to be normal.

For long-term help, the Thung Saliam tambon municipal has spared a piece of public land near the family’s home to work on by farming and fish raising.

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