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Hemorragic fever cases hit new highs in Chiang Mai and Buriram – public warned after three deaths

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Hemorragic fever cases hit new highs in Chiang Mai and Buriram – public warned after three deaths | Samui Times
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There have been two deaths in Buriram and one in Chiang Mai with both provinces reporting a sharp rise in cases compared to last year. Cases in Buriram in the last three months are 75 per cent up on the same period last year, reported Daily News.

another dengue outbreakSpraying with chemicals of standing water and drains is being undertaken at many sites in Chiang Mai especially those where young children and adolescents gather such as nurseries, schools and other educational establishments. Children are especially vulnerable to the disease.

Dr Paisan Thanawinichakun of the Chiang Mai health authority said that the rainy season made for conditions where the disease could thrive. In 2015 there were 1,163 cases and one death but this year is looking worse as every month so far has been worse than the last.

The worst places are central Chiang Mai, Hot district in the south of the province, Mae Rim and Fang in that order. Dr Paisan has ordered authorities to take special note of where cases originate so that spraying measures can be directed to where they are most needed. He said that particular attention should be taken of children’s health.

If children have a fever of 38.5C plus lasting more than two days, are off their food, vomiting but have no nasal discharge or cough and do not respond to medication they should be taken to hospital to be checked. He said that the danger period is when the fever actually starts to subside as there is then the potential for shock that can cause death.

Meanwhile in Buriram, Dr Suriya Ratanaparinya of the provincial health authority said that the situation is of concern in the north eastern province. Since the beginning of March there have been 281 cases including two deaths in Chamni and Nong Ki districts. This compares to 162 cases and no deaths in the same period last year.

Most cases have been reported in the 10-14 year old age group, with 5-9 year olds and 0 – 4 year olds in the two next most vulnerable groups.

The worst areas for the disease in Buriram are Lam Plai Mart, Phut Thai Song, Nong Ki, La Harn Sai and Ban Kuat districts.

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