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Highway robbery! Police try to grab driver’s mobile as he gathers evidence

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Highway robbery! Police try to grab driver’s mobile as he gathers evidence | Samui Times
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A tour bus driver who says he was fleeced by a motorcycle cop posted pictures online as the officer tried to grab his phone.

highway-robberyThe scary altercation occurred in the northern area of Bangkok near the Mor Chit 2 terminal, reports Manager Online.

The driver of the Chinese tour bus who asked not to be named said that the helmeted expressway officer got on the bus supposedly to check the credentials of the guides.

But the driver knew everything was legal and above board.

According to the driver the officer claimed he :had a right to come onboard and check”.

“OK, ” said the driver, “In that case I have a right to film”.

The officer grabbed him by the collar and his nametag was ripped off.

He tried to grab the phone to erase the clip but was unsuccessful. He claimed his head was slapped in the melee.

The driver said that the officer’s yellow bike had no license plate and he could not discern the name of the man. There was no name on the helmet.

A ticket with the number 8312 was issued though the charge was unsure.

The incident happened some months ago. The driver said he only posted still pictures after his company requested him not to make a big thing of the incident. He said he shared the video with friends only.

Pictures were posted on a site campaigning to stop illegal roadblocks with a tagline that said in part: “This bas***d jumped on the tour bus to try and grab the driver’s phone to stop him filming near the Ngam Wong Wan expressway”.

Manager online said their story was an exclusive.

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