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Honest Bangkok cabbie has every reason to thank his passenger!

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Honest Bangkok cabbie has every reason to thank his passenger! | Samui Times
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An honest north eastern cabbie had every reason to thank his passenger yesterday.

honest-cab-driver-bangkokAfter the driver returned a bag and money to the delighted Vietnamese businesswoman she rewarded him, reports Daily News.

She handed over not the usual few thousand baht but nearly 25% of the money in the bag – 44 year old Chart Jantha was given a thousand US dollars for his honesty.

This amounts to 35,000 baht.

Woo Thi Kim Feuang, 31, said at the FM 91 radio station that she hoped to get the bag back but in her heart thought it was lost for good. She praised the Thai people for their kindness and Chart for his honesty.

Woo and two other Vietnamese businessmen had got in Chart’s pink cab near Pratunam on Tuesday and were taken to Pathum Thani where they

were on a sugar buying expedition.

Chart said that he had several passengers after that but later in the day a student found the bag in the back and asked who’s it was. Chart took the bag into the radio station and announcements were made.

Staff at the radio station contacted hotels and found out that a police report had been made at the Khu Khot station in Pathum Thani. A passport in the bag was found and the owner was located at the J2S Hotel.

The bag contained 4,100 US dollars or about 143,000 baht, the passport and two phones.

Chart said that the money was not his and of course he should return it. He has been a taxi driver for 20 years and always returned

anything he found. This was the right thing to do, was good for the country and only what the departed king, his Royal Father, would require of him.

He was later pictured showing his respects to a picture of His Majesty after he had received his reward from the grateful Vietnamese lady.

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