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Honest Thai lady makes tourists day!

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Honest Thai lady makes tourists day! | Samui Times
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A Thai cleaning lady made a Taiwanese tourist’s day when she returned more than 60,000 baht she found in the toilets at the Mor Chit 2 bus terminal.

honest Thai womanThe money – 64,720 in total along with other foreign currency – plus a Samsung tablet, a passport and other documents was in a bag found by sixty year old Saiphin Saenkham as she cleaned the gents opposite the terminal entrance on Wednesday morning, reports Daily News.

Some time later Chen Ching Lin, who had left the terminal by taxi not realising he did not have the bag, was reunited with his possessions that the honest lady had kept safe for him.

Souvenir pictures were taken with the beaming Taiwanese who rewarded Saiphin with an unspecified amount for her kind and honest actions.

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