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Hospital ambulance driver arrested for drug charge

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Hospital ambulance driver arrested for drug charge | Samui Times
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Narcotic suppression police this morning arrested a drug trafficker and seized 20 kilos of ketamine during a search of a rented house in Nonthanuri.

Hospital ambulance driver arrested for drug charge | News by Samui TimesThe house is among the 15 targets in Bangkok and adjacent provinces which narcotic police have information that they linked to the network of Laotian drug baron Xaysana Keophimpa.

Arrested was Chaiwat Choosai at his rented home at Bang Kruay area in Nonthanuri.

Chaiwat admitted of keeping the drug for delivery to clients upon the order of Nattapol Kakkam, alias Boy.

He said he had already delivered the drugs to clients five times and earned 800,000 baht from Boy for the deliveries.

He said he works as a driver of hospital ambulance at daytime and delivered drugs to clients at night.

Police said the ketamine seized valued over 13 million baht.

Ketamine is a drug that is an important medical compound used for surgery. However, it is also used illegally as a recreational drug and for even more nefarious meanns. It is an injectable and short-acting anesthetic that is technically a drug that results in a total or partial loss of sensation (importantly to pain) as well as the potential loss of consciousness.

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