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Hot weather causes egg chicken to lay less eggs

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Hot weather causes egg chicken to lay less eggs | Samui Times
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The ongoing hot weather and drought have cut back chicken egg product by 10-15 percent or 4-5 million eggs a day while consumption is picking up, said Mr Mongkol Pipatsatayanuwong, president of the Chicken Egg Producers and eggsExporters Association, on Thursday.

The unusually hot weather makes egg chicken feel stressed and, hence, lay less eggs even though the chicken are mostly raised in enclosed areas equipped with air conditioners or Evap system, he explained.

With outdoor temperature exceeding 40 C, he said that the cooling system in the enclosed areas does not help much and, on top of that, the cooling system needs to be fed with water all the time and this is simply not possible in drought-stricken areas where water is scarce.

Chicken raisers were forced to buy water to keep the cooling system working and this means additional production costs, Mr Mongkol explained.

He pointed out that the prices of chicken eggs have dropped steadily since last year until recently when prices started to pick up in correspondence with reduction in production.’

The current price of chicken eggs averages 2.57 baht per egg against production cost of 2.82 baht per unit.

Mr Mongkol asked for sympathy from the consumers for chicken egg producers.

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