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Hotel have been given guidelines to protect guests under quarantine

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Hotel have been given guidelines to protect guests under quarantine | Samui Times
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Thailand’s Department of Health Director-General spokesperson, released hotel guidelines today, on the management of environmental health for the protection of guests under quarantine.

The move came after Panpimol visited Bangkok’s Patra Hotel, which was converted into a state quarantine facility for those coming back from abroad.

The eight criteria shall be as follows:

1. Guests will have different suites, kitchens, kitchens and dining rooms. Frequently visited areas also have to be swept and trash handled properly.

2. The hotel must have a safe and hygienic place to prepare and cook food or external organizations that comply with regulations to do the same.

3. It will supply bottled water or drinking water in tightly closed containers.

4. There should be a washstand that can clean clothes and remove germs effectively. If an external entity assumes the duties, it must be an organisation that can function in compliance with the rules laid down.

5. Every bathroom must have a sanitary and safe sewage collection system.

6. Wastewater treatment and disinfection facility that works 24 hours a day in compliance with defined requirements.

7. Hygienic storage of waste, both general and hazardous waste, by interaction with people under quarantine.

7. The hotel also needs to adopt a plan to encourage awareness-raising, understanding and environmental conservation initiatives in its local community to avoid disputes from occurring.

Hotel staff, tourists and guests must have their body temperature tested before entering the hotel and wear a face mask and gloves while avoiding touching their ears, noses and mouths. People will live 1-2 meters apart and always wash their hands with soap and water or 70% alcohol by hand sanitizer. Medical treatment should be sought immediately if fever, cough, sneezing, sore throat or wheezing develop.

Workers working with garbage will wear long-sleeved waterproof jackets or long-sleeved tops, long trousers, aprons, heavy rubber gloves and boots, as well as face masks, eyeglasses or face covers. After finishing work every day, they have to wash their face, shower, and change clothes immediately.

SOURCE: The Nation

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