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House of Horrors as glue sniffing son decapitates blind mum and neighbor

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House of Horrors as glue sniffing son decapitates blind mum and neighbor | Samui Times
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A son cut off his blind mother’s head as well as his neighbor’s head and dumped them in a bucket in the bathroom for police to find.

glue sniffer kills his motherOn Monday, Bung Karn police who smashed their way into a house in Sri Wilai district found a scene straight out of a horror movie. The severed heads of neighbor Samruay Yortsaeng, 59, and Suk Phimthapho, 62, were in a bucket reported Daily News. Suk’s son Khet Phimthapho, 42, who had barricaded himself in the house was arrested and charged with murder.

Police had earlier been called after reports of a murder behind a house next to a field. In a bamboo thicket they found the headless corpse of Samruay some thirty metres from his house. In a house next door a man had locked himself into a room housing Buddhist images.

They heard cries for help from the blind mother. Khet had taken his mother hostage in their own house.

The house area was sealed off. Police waited as they did not want to endanger the old lady by rushing in. When her cries ended they decided to enter the property. It was at this point that officers saw the murderer come out of a bathroom holding two heads, one in each hand.

Officers momentarily retreated to decide what to do next as the man took the heads back into the bathroom. When reinforcements arrived the building was charged and Khet was taken into custody asking “What’s going on?”

He had wounded himself in the leg and was taken to hospital in an incoherent state while officers surveyed the grisly scene. They found the headless corpse of his blind mother and blood throughout the house. The severed heads were in a bucket in the bathroom.

Three identical two foot long bloodstained knives were taken into evidence. The murderous son had been sniffing glue.

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