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How is life for 3 ex-Expats who have returned to UK?

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How is life for 3 ex-Expats who have returned to UK? | Samui Times
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Chances are for many working expats that at some stage they will return back to their domestic countries, some via their own choosing and others just a shift  in market conditions giving them no alternative.

How is life for 3 ex-Expats who have returned to UK? | News by Samui Times

Thailand has long been lauded by expats as the lifestyle choice, so I was keen to find out how three former Pattaya working expats have adjusted to returning back to the UK.

What do you miss about Thailand?

Keith: “Obviously the weather is the main thing, the sun rising and setting at the same time almost all year round. I miss not having the opportunity of taking short breaks when not at work to some beautiful islands with a couple of hours drive from my home, I miss the great friends and acquaintances I made in the 15 years I was there, I miss my dog a lot, I miss the friendliness in my village, I always had neighbours, all be it expats, that I could socialise with at almost any hour of any day of the week! I miss waking up on a day off, taking my dog for a walk in the sun, then taking my daughter for a dip in pool. I miss the sense of relaxation and the lack of tardiness of Thailand, it was laughable “Thai Time”, I don’t really miss the food, my Mrs makes Thai food everyday if I choose to indulge.”

Razza: “This is a difficult one as there are so many things i miss but if I’m honest the biggest things is the people, I mean the close friends I made over the 10 or so years. And of course the days/nights out all the lads used to have. Those days unfortunately will probably never be repeated. Obviously playing and rehearsing with the guys in the band, the weather and the laid back life. Never seemed to rush about as far as work went. And not spending so many nights in doors like you do back in the UK. Always something to do over there, even on a mid week night. “

Matt: “I miss the sun, the bars, beaches and markets.”

Was moving back to the UK an easy transition?

Razza: “It was stressful ! But once my Thai wife got her settlement Visa it all seemed to go OK. I’m just on with her settlement extension at the moment. Again a little be stressful but I’m sure it will all go to plan, they just need lots of paperwork and not forgetting another 2,800 quid. 1,000 (37k baht) for the NHS, 1,000 for the extension…robbing b*stards… and 800 to fast track the decision which is also ridiculous if you ask me.

Matt: “After being in Thailand for 12 years it was a bit of a shock coming back to the UK but things have been pretty easy and straight forward. It is a different way of life you get use to out there but to be honest I think it’s better over here for my situation with one 8 year old child and another one due in November for the education alone it was the best option.

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