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How playing golf can help you quit smoking!

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How playing golf can help you quit smoking! | Samui Times
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Many of us wish to quit smoking but even though we are well aware of the damage it does to our health giving up the ‘fags’ fills most smokers with dread. Giving up smoking is on most smokers list of things to do, but as most smokers will tell you, it kind of gets pushed to the bottom of that list as there is always are more important issue to tackle that generally does not involve coming face to face with our addictions.

quit smokingOne way of terminating our friendship, or rather our reliance on Nicotine however is in the main unheard of on Samui but available none the less and excitingly can be combined with golf! Sounds mad? Well read on its not as crazy as it sounds.

Many people have heard of hypnosis but are unaware that it is available in Samui and not only can it help you wave goodbye to your smokers cough it can also improve you golf game and when you combine the two you now have what is perhaps the most enjoyable way imaginable to kick a potentially fatal addiction, and I am talking smoking here, not golf!

Rupert Raikes, a hypnotist based in Samui believes that ‘golf is a therapeutic tool’. His concept is unique inasmuch as he uses the game of golf coupled with clinical hypnosis to assist his clients in addressing the CAUSE of their respective challenges (depression, addiction, stress and anxiety, low self-esteem, insomnia, and the list goes on) as well as their symptoms. Needless to say, his 7-session programme is also aimed a golfers who wish to reduce their handicap. In the instance of a golfer/smoker who wishes to become a non-smoker, as well as a better golfer, she/he would enroll in the programme, and get two for the price of one!

golf on saturdayThe nuts and bolts of the therapy is as follows: on the first encounter the client agrees with Rupert that she will strictly adhere to a gradual withdrawal, namely, that she can smoke as many cigarettes as she wishes throughout that day, but under no circumstances should she take no more or less than seven/7 puffs (including the light up). He then proceeds with the golf programme.

I feel sure you can imagine where this treatment is headed.

On the second encounter the golf programme is continued, the only difference being that she can smoke as many cigarettes as she ‘needs’ under the same contracted conditions, however, on this day she should take no more or less than six/6.

What actually happens at a neurological level is that we transfer one addiction for another (the game of golf) for when we connect with the ball as one can and ought to, the brain releases seratonin, and dopamine-loaded neuro transmitters. In essence, as the player reduces her intake of nicotine, there is a commensurate increase in happy hormones, resulting in a very motivated, and happy client.

The days pass: 5 puffs; 4 puffs; 3 puffs; 2 puffs and we are still working on our golf skills daily!

Perhaps you can imagine the last encounter when we reach the end of the programme. By this time, IF the client has been diligent, the last day (one/1 puff including the light up!) is one of culmination and realisation.

There is no other way!

Day zero/0 is the following day, when the golfer gets up to the driving range alone, and hits a few balls. She will have effectively transferred her fullest attention to her game (and most especially, the ball) and she will be released from her particular bondage (smoking). The results are truly amazing.

In conclusion, this method can be used with those who ‘use’ needles, pipes, or foil. It is also valid for those who ‘use’ donuts, crisps or chocolate. This is the potential for using golf as a therapeutic tool.

So if you would like to exchange one potentially fatal habit for one that will take you to some of the most stunning golf courses South East Asia has to offer and exchange your smokers cough for a healthier lifestyle and a level of fitness that will not leave you out of puff when you hit the greens call 087-417-5594 or email

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