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How to cook the perfect Wagyu steak – and where to get it from!

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How to cook the perfect Wagyu steak – and where to get it from! | Samui Times
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Word of the wonders of Wagyu is spreading and foodies from around the globe agree that all steaks are not equal. Wagyu beef comes from Japanese cows who do not put on fat in the same way as other breeds whose fat goes on intramuscularly or over the rib, Wagyu cattle store fat where it counts, in the muscle and this makes it the best steak money can buy, however it also makes it fragile under heat so this king of steaks must be treated delicately with the utmost care, but in doing so you will be rewarded with velvety perfection!

passion box delivery 3To cook the perfect Wagyu steak you must treat it in the same way as you would treat a tuna you want to sear. Open flames and intensely heated cast iron pans are the tools you need to cook up perfection, however it is essential you do not leave the meat in contact with the heat long enough for all of the fat met and drip out of the internal structure of the mean. This is a sure fire way of making it tough and dry.

To cook the perfect wagyu it is important to remove it from it packaging and if it has not been aged leave it in the fridge uncovered for two days on a wire rack. You should always cook your steak from room temperature to so be sure to take it out of the fridge ahead of time. Place a dry cast iron grill pan on a pre heated element and allow it to heat up for twenty minutes. Brush the steak with olive oil, sea salt and freshly ground pepper. Place the steaks into the hot pan, it is recommended you cook in a ventilated area as this will cause a lot of smoke as the steak is seared. Cook the steaks for 2 to 3 minutes on each side before reducing the heat to moderate and cooking until they reach the temperature of your preference, rare, medium rare or medium, well done and wagyu should never be in the same sentence. Then simply leave the steaks to one side to rest for five minutes before serving.
passion delivery Happy New YearWhen it comes to where to purchase your steak look no further than Passion Delivery, a superb service many residents of Samui are enjoying as are many other satisfied customers around Thailand. Passion Delivery are selling Premium Japanese Olive Wagyu at amazing prices that are 35% cheaper than leading supermarkets and if you buy 1kilo or more now you will receive a free Atlantic lobster worth 695 baht for the ultimate surf n turf feast!

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Olives have been cultivated in Kagawa – formerly known as Sanuki – since early last century and it wasn’t long before farmers discovered how olive feeding greatly improved the beef’s texture and taste. Purebred cows are fed with the remains of pressed olives for two full months, resulting in lean yet supple and moist meat with olive oil in the marbling.

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