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Huge hole in road leaves Phuket locals stranded

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Huge hole in road leaves Phuket locals stranded | Samui Times
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Residents of a village in Srisoonthorn have complained to local authorities about erosion that bit a large chunk out of the Baan Lipon-Baan Bangjo Rd, cutting off their direct route in and out of their village.

huge hole in the roadThe authorities say there is no money to fix it.

The road was made impassable when a large piece collapsed after the soil under it was washed away by heavy rain on November 9, leaving a hole about eight metres wide and two metres deep.

Baan Lipon resident Supaporn Jareonrak, 46, said, “This is the road we use to get to Thepkrasattri Rd and Srisoonthorn Rd. We want officials to fix the road for us so we can get in and out of the village as usual.”

Pairin Inthachai, 49, added, “The road collapsed on November 9 and Srisoonthorn Municipality officials came by to check the damage. They told us that that they have no funds to fix the road and repairs will have to wait until they do.

“They also told us to use an alternative route that goes through Baan Bangjo Prison – which is open for public to use only from 7am to 5:30pm.”

Many residents, particularly women, say they are too frightened of the idea of driving through the prison to go that way, which leaves them stuck until the municipality can scrape together the money to fix the hole.

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